Woven and Printed Labels

We offer a range of types of woven and printed labelling for you to select from.

  • Damask Woven Label.  This is our most popular label type as it allows us to replicate any logo, and are softer and less irritating when worn against the skin, but durable for long term wear on any clothing or garment.  Damask gives a high definition finish to your label with a woven feel for fine and detailed text and design and at the same time, allows us to weave a coloured background.
  • Satin Woven Label.  This is a high quality smooth, shiny, soft look label.  Woven Satin is a thicker label with limitations on text, design and back ground colours, so is an ideal option for minimalist or classic design.
  • Satin Printed Ribbon Label. This is a soft look label with a smooth and sleek surface.  Printed on satin ribbon, this style of label offers a higher quality your label and is unlimited in colour options.  Printing intricate detail and text that woven labels cannot.
  • Cotton Printed Label.  The eco-friendly and natural option for your labelling.  There are various options for you to choose from, which include, plain and twill weave, herringbone weave and gross grain.  The most natural cotton is the un bleached tape which will fade with washing.  Other options include white or black cotton.

Cut and Fold Options are :-

All our labels are US Ultra Sonic Cut Soft Edge.

  • Straight Cut
  • End Fold
  • Loop folded (centre fold)
  • Manhattan Fold
  • Longitudinal End Fold
  • Mitre folded


Our minimums are 100 pieces (logo only) and 500 pieces per style for labels that hold variants such as labels containing sizes labels.