Eco-Friendly Label Options

Recycled Polyester Threads


Organic Cotton Printed with soybean ink

Identity Solutions aim to be as sustainable as possible and take this issue very seriously. Our factories are sourced with acknowledgements towards ethical practices and work spaces and have an excellent record of using mainly eco-friendly components such as ink made from soy-bean, sourcing organic natural unbleached cotton and using recycled polyester threads for woven labels.

Polyester is not biodegradable and there is now a lot of data available, confirming that use of this raw material is affecting our environment adversely.

Eco-friendly polyester labels are made from cast-off polyester.  This means polyester is shred, melted and spun into new threads which in turn can be used for weaving new clothing labels.  This new process prevents useful material resources being wasted and reduces energy usage in making new products.

We can also offer recycled card for hang tags and PLA made from fermented plant starch, such as corn, cassava, sugarcane, or sugar beet pulp. which mimics plastic but can break down in a matter of 12 weeks.

Reduce your carbon footprint by approx. 75% by being ethical.

Our factory/s hold the below certificates:

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) – Recycled paper/ card

COC (Certificate of Compliance) – Safety Regulations

GMI (Graphic Measures International) – Packaging Printer Evaluation

OEKO-TEX (Standard 100 textiles) – Yarns of 100% Cotton and mixtures of polyester and raw materials meet human-ecological requirements.