Eco-Friendly Options


Recycled Polyester Labelling


Identity’s are pleased to announce that we can now offer eco-friendly polyester branding.

We have decided to take this issue very seriously and are now sourcing factories that are ethical and have an excellent record of using only eco-friendly components.

As we all know Polyester is not biodegradable and there is now a lot of data available, confirming that the once only use of this raw material is affecting our environment adversely.

Eco-friendly polyester labels are made from cast-off polyester.  That is, the polyester is shred, melted and spun into new threads which in turn can be used for weaving new clothing labels.  This new process prevents useful material resources being wasted and reduces energy usage in making new products.

We can also offer recycled card for hang tags.  The options are varied, so please just ask for more information.

Reduce your carbon footprint by approx. 75% by being ethical.