Badges & Patches

Ideal for Clubs, Schools, Commercial Organisations or as a Fashion accessory, Embroidered and Woven badges have become very popular.  The advantages are they wear better and last longer than other materials, such as transfers and digital prints.

These are normally produced with a fabric backing or an ‘iron­ on’ backing which allows for the badges to be fixed onto the garments after initial construction.

Woven badges

Many of our customers choose woven patches because of the fantastic reproduction of intricate detail.  They are usually 30-50% cheaper to make. Woven badges are also usually flatter which makes them easier to sew or iron on on to garments.  Badges can also be larger than a woven label and allow for a larger logo or more detail.  They can be die cut and have a overlocked edge.

Embroidered Badges

These have a more three-dimensional look to them. The patches are more densely stitched giving them more of a lift. Embroidered patches offer a classy look but can be more expensive and not be as good with fine details.