Cotton Printed Labels

  • Our cotton labels are made from organic cotton and  our ink is made from soybean which is hand screen printed.


    • Soft to touch 

    • Made from organic cotton

    • Hand Screen Printed with soybean ink

    • Can only come in styles that have end folds or that can be sewn into a seam as we cannot heat seal natural cotton fibers.
    • We can bleach the cotton tape white or an off-white or dye it any colour that matches your chosen pms pantone code.

    • MOQ is 100/pcs

    • MOQ for variant labels such as size labels is 300/pcs per size



    • End Fold

    • Loop Fold (Centre Fold)

    • Loop Fold + End Folds

    • Manhattan Fold

    • Longitudinal End Fold

    • Mitre folded

If you would like a quote for your custom label, please emails us at with the below information.

1. High-Res PDF file of your label mock up/ Layout in actual size.

2. Dimensions of your label (We can do any size).

3. Let us know what style of label you want? This should be visible in your PDF label mock up too.

4. What colours do you want your label to be?

5. What type of woven label did you want? Damask OR Satin Woven?

6. How many do you want?