Special Deals

Starter Pack for T-Shirt Labeling  –  Only NZ$200

If you are buying T-shirts already made up, we can offer you this great deal.  500 woven pip tags for $200 + GST. You can add this pip tag to any item of clothing, but here are a few options on T-shirts.    However, don’t feel limited!  Pip tags are also common on beanies, scarves, gloves, cushions, bags etc., so you determine what works best for you and your product.

Here are a few ideas to use the labeling on T-shirts

A. Neck

These can be sewn onto the back neck band. However, for those who are not afraid of making an impact with their brand. The woven tag can be sewn upside down in to the neck band on the front of the shirt.

B. Bottom Hem

There is something almost magical that makes such a tiny little tag bring the value of a shirt up. Only the front side of the label needs to have a design on it.

C. Sleeve

The second most popular placement for this type of labels is commonly used on short sleeved shirts. One-sided labels work great here.

D. Pocket

A pip tag can be sewn onto the outer hem of the pocket.

E. Side Seam

The outer of the side seam is a very visible place for a double sided woven damask label.