Point of Sale and Retail Management

Multi-store retail management software

Multiflex RMS is a Single and Multi-Store Retail Management fashion software. Incorporating a new generation in fashion software, Multiflex RMS allows fashion businesses to manage their ordering, stock levels and single or multi-store retailing. It can also be expanded to encompass manufacturing and wholesaling through its vertical integration with Niche Garments. Multiflex also has available an API to falicate integration with Website databases. Multiflex RMS is user friendly, fashion specific and cost effective making it the system for fashion businesses who expect nothing but the best.


MultiflexRMS combines a new generation in retail systems with a range of extra features and benefits. Operational success is achieved by supplying systems and services that are industry specific, user friendly, cost effective, flexible and streamlined. The main additional benefits that can only be found in MultiflexRMS include:

*Multi-store functionality Multiflex's unique synchronised database gives you real time information at all stores and head office. Each store runs standalone so disconnection from the internet will not disrupt business whilst at the same time the synchronising data gives head office all the information it needs.

*Web based The flexible and streamlined design of MultiflexRMS allows businesses to grant access externally from the system for different purposes and different employees, customers and suppliers. The web-based platform allows businesses to optimize productivity and control of information, whilst maintaining a high level of security.

*External Website link Highly flexible and user friendly customisable tables allow businesses to create the required links and access to be given to any e-commerce website designer. The additional benefit allows businesses to utilize all retail stores for web sales.

*User defined fields MultiflexRMS's flexible and user friendly design allows businesses to define the user defined fields and screen layout: Benefit from the flexible screen structure in the industry specific setup. * Tailor the layout of the screens to suit the data in the system. * Create specific user defined fields for stores, suppliers, departments and customers.

*Notifications Notifications are a cost effective and flexible way to automatically notify sales staff, customers or groups when a certain event has taken place. For example: * notifying managers when part of an order is received. * Notify sales staff or customer when a special order has arrived in stock. MultiflexRMS allows businesses to create an event in the system and then allow it to work for them and optimize their preferences.

*Database distribution The user friendly and flexible design on MultiflexRMS allows businesses to authorize information to be available at different locations. Head Office, branch and franchise stores can have different access levels to view information authorized by Head Office.

*Vertical solution MultiflexRMS combined with Niche Garments gives a completely vertical solution from design to manufacture and wholesale through to retail and accounts allowing you to have total control of all your business processes within one system.

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