Woven and Printed Labels

Identity Solutions can produce custom design woven and printed labels in any type, size, and colour to ensure you have the perfect label for your apparel branding.

Label Types and Qualities

We offer a range of types of woven and printed for you to select from (view 'Gallery' or request samples)

  • Damask. This is the most popular label type and we are able to produce in two qualities (weave densities). Damask gives high definition for fine and detailed text and designs. Woven labels only.
  • Satin. This is a high quality smooth, shiny, soft label. This label can be woven or printed. Woven Satin is a thicker label with limitations on text, design and colours but can be embossed. Printed Satin is a luxurious ribbon look which you can print intricate designs.
  • Taffeta. This weave is the most economical and is commonly used for care labelling because of its durability over a printed care labels.
  • Printed Cotton. A great label for the eco/green look with a soft feel and high print definition. The natural/undyed background is the most cost effective way, however, we can dye the cotton to any colour to suit your branding.

Cut and Fold Options

  • End folded
  • Straight cut
  • Loop folded (centre fold)
  • Mitre folded